1/2 PgDn!
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I don't want my PgDn key to scroll a page at a time. I want it to scroll half a page, or maybe 3/4 instead. How can I achieve this?

I have a Samsung NC20 running Windows 7 Ultimate.

The hack is mainly for Firefox to make scrolling down pages a bit easier for reading - the arrow key is too slow, the PgDn key is too quick.

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maybe this might work.
Try the Keyconfig extension with this code:
Adjust that number until you get to whatever suits your purposes.
Note that I have not tested this myself.
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Have you tried using the space bar? It leaves at least a couple of lines of overlap, so you don't lose your place.
You can also shift-space to go back up.
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It looks to me like the spacebar does the exact same amount of scroll as a PgDn.

USB mouse with scroll wheel might make you happier?
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Keyconfig looks promising :)

I tend to use the NC20 when I'm kicking back in bed or on the sofa, so a mouse is a no no.
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