Examples of Cartoons Creating Cartoons?
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Examples of cartoon characters making cartoons?

I’m watching the Wacky Deli episode of Rocko’s Modern Life. In this episode, the characters become animators. Ren & Stimpy also did this in Stimpy’s Cartoon Show. Have other animated shows had a “making an animated show” episode?
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Best answer: Strong Bad making Teen Girl Squad.

So good!

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Doug of Doug drew a Quailman comic which may or may not have been animated at one point in the show.
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There is a SpongeBob episode where SpongeBob and Patrick find a pencil that was dropped in the ocean... whatever they draw with it comes to life. SpongeBob draws himself and names the character DoodleBob, but then DoodleBob turns evil. The episode was called Frankendoodle.

It doesn't quite fit because SpongeBob and Patrick weren't planning to make an animated show, but it was the first thing that came to mind. FWIW, the creator of SpongeBob worked on Rocko's Modern Life and is listed as doing "additional writing" on the Wacky Deli episode.
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Best answer: The classic Duck Amuck, kind of.

There is a South Park episode where the boys make a cartoon, in much the same way as they are made.
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It's a little meta, but I'd argue for Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings.
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Not precisely what you're asking about, but there are several anime series in which the characters create mangas. "Comic Party", and "Genshiken", for instance.
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There's a Simpsons episode where Marge becomes a writer for Itchy and Scratchy; also, all instances of Itchy and Scratchy throughout that series.
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More Simpsons: the Poochie episode from season 8 is solid gold.

"The name's Poochie D.
And I rock the telly.
I'm half Joe Camel
and a third Fonzarelli.
I'm the kung-fu hippie.
From gangsta city.
I'm a rappin' surfer.
You the fool I pity."
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Similar to Duck Amuck, there's Rabbit Rampage
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Still more Simpsons: the episode where Bart and Lisa write for Itchy and Scratchy (submitting their scripts under Abe Simpson's name).
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"Harold and the Purple Crayon," though what he draws comes to life.
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Doug, in addition to Quailman, also does some of the animation for the opening credits.
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Best answer: Out of Toon, an episode of Phineas and Ferb.
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I'm really having trouble placing this, but I remember a Simpsons episode where there was some sort of super-dog, and all the kids in class were trying to draw the dog doing superhero things. Ralph Wiggum is putting the marker all over his face and says, "I'm drawing me!"

(Someone else please verify? - very vague memory but I love this Ralph quote!)
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The Sega Genesis game Comix Zone.
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Billy, from The Family Circus, occasionally fills in on Sundays as the cartoonist.

(Please do not take this as fact that I read The Family Circus)
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Best answer: The Simpsons "Angry Dad" episode.
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Rat from Pearls Before Swine created two comic strip caracters Dickie the Cockroach and Bildert (a rip-off of Dilbert).
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Not exactly what you asked, but a popular manga series "Bakuman" is the story about a team of two young manga artists (mangaka). So you get to see a lot of mangas created by different mangakas in that series.


It's very well-drawn and a refreshing change from other common manga themes.
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It's a stand-alone film rather than an episode of a show, but Animation Runner Kuromi tells the story of a girl who's trying her best to keep an animation studio from running itself into the ground.
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In the episode of Ren & Stimpy entitled Stimpy's Cartoon Show, our two titular heroes create magic.
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Dammit. Probably should have fully read your post.
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Best answer: Beavis and Butthead - Animation Sucks
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Response by poster: For some reason, I assumed there would be more of these. I guess parodying your own work is easier to resist than I thought.
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Response by poster: Forgot to add:
thank you for your responses!
Especially scatter gather - I knew the Simpsons must have done one of these, but I forgot about Angry Dad.
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Out of the Inkwell.
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Family Guy did this -- Peter, Chris, and Meg created a cartoon about ducks with disabilities called Handiquacks.
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The first episode of Tiny Toons Adventures (episode guide) has Babs and Buster taking over an animator's work while he is out of his studio.
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