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My friends are at the Blazers game, and may have just been on TV. I'm not certain, but I want to hunt down the clip, if it was them. Is it possible to it?

You know when they show folks holding signs, waving, generally being awesome fans at sporting events? I think I just caught the last moment of seeing my friends being those fans, and really want to see if I was right, as well as have access to the clip. Will these show in post-game replays, or was it fleeting-now gone forever?
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Do you have a DVR? They record whatever program you're watching for an hour, even if you don't hit the record button. You should be able to hit the record button now and be able to save the clip, assuming it was in the last hour.
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If you didn't record the game (and I'm guessing you didn't), you might try posting on Craigslist to find someone who DID record the game...and I'm pretty sure there are die-hard fanatics who record every game. Maybe they'll let you copy their recording.
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Also, check torrents (I'd say not public like TPB, but at least pseudo-private like Demonoid if you have a membership). People tend to update some games -- seemingly at random -- but I've yet to find a reliable site for downloading every game.

Or, if you're really, REALLY, curious, you could check iTunes. The NBA was good during the regular season about uploading good games, like the Jazz' OT win over the Thunder, and so on. There's a decent chance they'll be uploading playoff games, too -- maybe a couple days after the fact.

(Also, FWIW, I just checked Demonoid -- nothing there, yet.)
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