Help us figure out what type of massage lube is being used.
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Lubrication filter: Trying to replicate something seen in a video with my girlfriend, but having difficulties figuring out what is being used. Link to extremely NSFW video inside.

Bouncing around on the internet for some time have been these Japanese massage videos where the masseuse has the customer lay on an air mattress and then covers the client, the mattress and herself in this water based lubricant that is super slippery. We've tried a few different ones, and besides the fact that they're usually $10 for a small bottle ( a lot is needed) they tend to be either sticky or non-edible.

So does anybody know what they use? Can a homemade version be made? Any thoughts, tips?

Link to video on YouPorn. If the link does not work, just go to YouPorn and search for Nuru Massage. There are dozens of examples.

Thanks to any that have any help with this.
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I was under the impression that "nurunuru" is Japanese for snail but apparently it means slimey.

Searches for "nuru gel" on ebay do reveal a number of vendors. They are not cheap, but I highly doubt you need a lot.

If you do want a lot, and will sacrifice edibility, consider this favorite of bovine gynecologists:

that will make _gallons_ of viscous, slimey, clear lube.
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(no idea about safety issues, btw. )
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The video caption mentions a seaweed based lubricant, and googling for that gives gives lots of results that are probably worth pursuing, including a page on diy personal lubricants.

Not that hard to find results that seem to be exactly what you are after.
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google says it might be this
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try a silicone based lube, very slippery, totally not sticky, doesn't dry out...and a little goes a long way...remember though, you can't use a silicone based lube with silicone sex toys, it will dissolve them (it's totally compatible/safe with latex, though)
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Intriguing. These people (nsfw) seem to think that the "nuru gel" idea is likely more hype than any one specific thing. The first recipe in Brockles' diy link seems to be the best starting place. Another discussion thread points this stuff out. $50/gal is not too bad but not cleared as edible. This is the stuff people tend to point to but both those flavors seem ick to me personally.
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I'm seconding using silicone lube. It wasn't used in the video though, it's not something you ever want to eat, and isn't slimy, but it's fantastic. Astroglide makes a fantastic lube that doesn't get gummy (I have no affiliation, just a user).
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If you're not worried about latex safety, I'd probably just use olive oil or another food-based oil (the internet suggests coconut). I've used olive oil for non-erotic massage, and it's pretty damn effective.
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Grapeseed oil is cheap and quite slippery and shiny, but it definitely doesnt have that glycerin-y, goopy look that the video shows.

Therefore, thirding Brockles' link, scroll to the first recipe that recommends soldium alginate as a lubricant ingredient. If you do decide to make it, I'd certainly be interested in a report on how it works out..
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I've heard it's just methyl cellulose mixed with water. That wikipedia article says it's "non-toxic, non-allergenic, and edible".
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Propylene Glycol, Sodium Carboxy Methyl Cellulose, Methyl & Propyl Paraben

Are any of these things bad for a human? You could buy lubricant made for animals.
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A little bit of silicone lubricant goes a long way, by the way. So a big bottle of it will last a stretch a lot farther than a similarly sized bottle of water-based lubricant.
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You want BusyBusyBusy's veterinary lubricant. It will work just great, and you can make as much as you like for very cheap. You can mix it up a little more watery than the recipe and it won't transition to sticky so quickly.

What you don't want is silicone lubricant. While it's very slippery, and doesn't get sticky, it's also a real chore to wash off. And if you're covered in it, including the soles of your feet, it's going to be seriously hazardous to walk to the shower. Everything you touch will wind up with a slippery, slippery coating that will never dry up or get less slippery without washing. Even getting it off small areas of the body is a bit of a pain in the ass, with lots of soap and scrubbing needed. Seriously, silicone lube should be used in moderation.
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From what I've seen, *real* nuru gel has some body to it.

If I was to try to replicate it without using actual nuru seaweed, I'd boil up a solution of water with tapioca starch (you'll need to cook it). Maybe 1tsp per cup or two? To give it the additional body, maybe make a solution of 0.5% agarose (you can buy food grade in Asian stores - its derived from red algae/seaweed), and before it cools down completely, add that (1:1, 1:2 agar:tapioca) to the tapioca starch solution?

Straight agar might be too solid, even at 0.2%, hence the need to mix it with tapioca starch solution. If you play around with the amount of tapioca/water, you might get pretty close without having to add agar.
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Try using xanthan gum. It's usually on the order of $25/lb, but a tiny bit goes a long way. I can make 4 cups of super-slippery-slime using just a tablespoon or two. It cleans up easily, and my understanding is that it is vagina friendly.
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Brockles's DIY link points to this paragraph:

Water-Based Lubricant Recipe (Safe for Latex)
You can make a simple water-based lubricant from sodium alginate, which is a type of sodium found in brown algae, or seaweed. This simple recipe only calls for two ingredients, 1 teaspoon of sodium alginate and 1 cup of clean, filtered water. Combine the ingredients in a glass pan (do not use a metal pan) over low-to-medium heat until the powdered sodium alginate is completely dissolved. Let the mixture cool, pour it into a container, and keep it refrigerated.

"Made from seaweed" sounds promising on the whole "nuru" tip. From one of jessamyn's links:

(The word nuru comes from the Japanese language and it's meaning is "slippery". The nuru massage uses a special gel which is made from deep seaweed and is colorless, tasteless, and extremely slippery and smooth. )

Amazon sells Sodium Alginate for $50/pound. Assuming it has roughly the density of common baking soda in its dried state, a pound would contain 756 teaspoons. If a teaspoon gets you roughly a cup of fluid, then that pound bag is worth 94.5 cups of fluid, or nearly six gallons. So if I were you, I might mix it all up in like a big home depot bucket, maybe two gallons at a time. If you think two gallons sounds good, that means three "sessions" per bag, which means that each time you and your bang-mate want to do this, it would cost maybe 17 bucks.

That's cheaper than going to the movies!
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Aw, crap. Just realized my math was way off; there's only 94.5 TEASPOONS per pound, not cups. So divide the final amount by 8, actually.
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