Saving hundreds of images from the internet manually
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Simple, free mass image download program, specifics of situation within..

The website is a single html page. This page has several hundred text links which link directly to .jpg files. I basically need a program which will grab these jpg's in the background as simply as possible without me having to access and save the files manually. Basically paste in the main url and let it go?

I know such programs exist but my fairly clueless search terms dont seem to bring up a simple, free solution. Any recommendations?
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Best answer: not exactly sure this will work for your application but it probably will:
down them all it's a firefox extension
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Best answer: Down them all will totally do this. You can set that you only want it to download images. It's a pretty useful firefox plug in and I've found it simple to use. I've done this exact same thing except with music files.
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URLtoys. A really nice front end for wget. Well, text based, not gui, but if you read the tutorials, you'll be flying in no time.
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Response by poster: Wow, had no idea it would be as simple as a firefox extension, thanks.

Super easy and super well designed to boot.
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