sometimes i change photos. please don't ask me why when you call
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Is there any way to prevent your facebook profile photo from showing up in people's phones as part of your contact info?

When people sync their phones to facebook, is there a hack or anything that will effectively block your profile (specifically profile photo, but other info) from being linked to how they have you as a contact on their phone?
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Not the right answer, but you could always make your profile photo not a real picture of yourself... use an avatar... and mark your real photos private.
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Don't use a profile picture - or make everything private.

If the image is available on facebook there's nothing you can do preventing it's use elsewhere.
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You can prevent people on Facebook from seeing various data about you (contact info, etc). You cannot, however, allow them to see it but not allow them to synchronize it via the Facebook app.
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If your photo is on a web page, there is
no way to control what us done with it.
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DWRoelands: "If your photo is on a web page, there is no way to control what us done with it."

Hence my suggestion to use a substitute image such as a cartoon avatar.
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I believe that your profile picture is always visible no matter what the privacy setting is
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