Best Steak Within Walking/Taxi Distance of Copley Square in Boston?
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Best steak in Boston? Staying in Copley Square so if its walking/taxi distance even better!
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If money is no object then Smith & Wollensky is your place. My wife had a prime rib as big as her head. She made three meals out of it. I had a NY strip that was amazing. Steaks are a-la-carte and things were generally priced for lawyers with expense accounts.

Easy walk from Copley.
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Flemings, 217 Stuart Street. The best steak I have ever had, period.
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Nothing to offer directly, but I'd steer you toward chowhound, where these kinds of Q's are asked and answered all the time.
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Oak Room.
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Best steak I ever had was at Morton's on Boylston (across from the Prudential Mall entrance, very close to Copley.) It's a chain, though, so you might not feel like you're getting an authentic Boston experience.

(We used to debate Fleming's vs. Morton's where I worked.)

If you venture to Fanieul Hall (short taxi or about 5 stops on the green line or Orange line), Durgin Park has a lovely Prime Rib. Plus it's one of Boston's older, historic restaurants if that's a factor.
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I have to say Abe & Louie's. Again, I've never paid, but service was great , the filet au poivre was fantastic, and I would recommend trying the baked sweet potato side.

Right on Boylston Street, an easy walk from Copley Sq
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Abe and Louie's, hands down. I don't eat steak, so this is hearsay coming from me... but everyone I know in Boston says Abe's has the best cow in town. And, for what it's worth, their fish is pretty good too.
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Todd English's Bonfire is a five-minute walk. I'm a vegetarian, so I had the green goddess salad. But my date had a steak and loved it.
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Smith & Wollensky is new to Boston, and it's a welcome addition. Abe & Louie's is a bit crowded and trendy, due to its Boylston Street location. Fleming's and Capital Grille are both excellent. All of the above are easily within walking distance of Copley Square.

No matter what you decide, you should at least tour Smith & Wollensky. They spent an obscene amount of money renovating the old building, and they've been very open about letting locals walk through the four dining floors during off hours. It's absolutely beautiful.

If you're trying to avoid chains (for whatever odd reason), you're usually out of luck. Fleming's is owned by Outback. Capital Grille is owned by Longhorn. Etc.
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Capital Grille - 1.6 miles SW - 359 Newbury St, Boston, 02116 - (617) 262-8900

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(right across from the Hynes T stop on the green line.)
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