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The character: Sondheim female, progresses from idealistic 20's to bitter 40's; starts witty, insecure, ends alcoholic, angry and alone, realizing she gave up everything and never reached her dreams.
- Loves a guy for years and he never sees it.
-Think Elaine if she'd actually loved Jerry; Karen Walker if she'd actually loved Will. Only dowdier.

The monologue:
- Can be from a musical or a straight play.
- Must show a little humor, pathos, emotion, wit, bitterness, make you feel for her and be irritated with her at the same time.
- Must make them want to see more and call me back!

ME: Female, 40's, can look 35; can hopefully play 20's; will probably be older than most of the other actresses; really want this part.
- Inexperienced with monologues.
- Most musical theater auditions don't require them, so I am a tad lost.

Anonymous because: I don't want to let on I'm interested yet, and others may peruse MeFi- possibly bogarting your fabulous monologue ideas!
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Hmmm. Are you looking for only monologues from Sondheim? If so, a couple come to mind I guess:

- Rose's Turn monologue from Gypsy.
- Dot's daughter's monologue from Act II of Sunday in the Park with George (or something of Dot's from Act I)
- Squeaky's scene from Assassins (??)
- The Little Death scene from Night Music? Or the Liaisons scene?
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How about the setup (what there is of it) to 'The Ladies who Lunch'?

The problem with Sondheim monologues is that there doesn't seem to be too many of them. Rather, he tends to merge them into the songs (think of 'Move On' from Act I of 'Sunday in the Park with George' -- the 'monologue' is actually part of the song, where the characters start arguing while singing and launching the song forward).

There are so many songs that could work for this situation, but, that's a tough one.
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Are you thinking of "Merrily We Roll Along?" Specifically, the character of Mary Flynn? Your description fits her to a tee, and it is one of his less popular works. I'm more familiar with the songs than the spoken scenes, but you may find something in there. Break a leg!
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