Do GBA flash carts still exist?
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I want a Gameboy Advance flash cartridge, but nobody seems to sell them anymore. Ideas?

I'd like to buy a GBA and a flash cartridge but I know very little about them and where to get them. All the links I've been following in my current googling have lead to dead ends, out of stock warnings, and even a few businesses that appear to have been shut down by Nintendo. (And I'm not surprised, since as far as I know, the GBA isn't even made anymore.) eBay, surprisingly, appears to be devoid of them too. Craigslist might be an option if I was in the US, but I'm not, I'm in the UK. I'm not really sure of the legality of these things, which might be a factor in my difficulty in finding one, but as I understand it, these things used to be everywhere in the GBA's heyday. Where'd they all go?

So where might I be able to get my hands on one?
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"(And I'm not surprised, since as far as I know, the GBA isn't even made anymore.)"

They were shut down by nintendo because they are illegal. Not even close to legal.

That said

EZ Flash IV is still available.

and GBATEMP is a great forum to discuss this kind of thing. For DS, PSP, Nintendo. All the backups
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GBADev is still alive. People in the forums there will be able to point you to a cart and whatever tools you need.
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You might do well by getting a used DS instead (ought to be pretty cheap if you're not getting a DSi, which doesn't do GBA anyway) and a combo flash cart such as the M3 DS Real. I'm sure there are more out there than that, but I have that one and I know it works.
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2nding Earl's suggestion of a ds with a GBA slot instead - you have no idea how horrible the lack of backlight makes the original GBA until you try it.

(Alternatively, a GBA micro is a cute alternative).
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I usually buy such things at dealextreame.

but it looks like they are out of stock right now

Here is a one, but it cost a bit more, and i do not know how legit the site is.

Also a would second getting an older DS rather then a GBA. I believe the original and light (but not the DSI) had a GBA slot.
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If you buy a M3 DS Real, keep in mind you need the GBA expansion pack for it to play GBA games.

The EZ Flash IV is a native slot 2 cart.
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