What tv show used "at the castle it is raining?"
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I want to identify the name of a childrens' live-action comedic television show around 1980 with a castle and an ongoing joke where two of the characters (one Igor-like?) make a telephone call for the recorded weather announcement which always began with a version of "The weather today will be bright and sunny" (phoning character repeats this happily to their friend) and always ended with "…except for the castle, where it will be raining." What was this show, please?
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Hmmm... could it be Count Duckula? The time frame is about right, and it did feature a gloomy old castle haunted by an ancient vulture man-servant called Igor...
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oh. sorry about that. I see you're looking for live action. Probably not Duckula, then.
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Best answer: Hilarius House of Frightenstein?

with vincent price and billy name
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Response by poster: Philby: No, I'm pretty confident the show I am trying to remember wasn't the animated show Count Duckula - I remember the show was live-action.
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It wasn't Eureeka's Castle, was it?
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I don't remember that line but your description reminded me of Frightenstein, as well. Live action, Vincent Price, Igor, a Wolfman who danced with a psychedelic backdrop...
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Response by poster: miratime, I'm certain it wasn't Eureeka's Castle, that show began years later than when I remember watching the show I'm trying to remember.

While my memory is still imprecise, I'm going to go with PinkMoose (and synecdoche)'s suggestion that I'm trying to remember the Hilarious House of Frightenstein. Unless someone comes along and tells me they remember the exact bit I do and that it was definitely something else, Frightenstein it is. Thanks, everyone.
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Billy Van, PinkMoose. Billy Name would've been a lot more Warhol.
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