Help me recover a GPT table!
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I've somehow corrupted my GPT table on my Windows 7 box and i'm wondering if there is a way to recover/recreate this table. The MBR is fine and windows 7 still boots. Parted/Gparted cant see the partitions though (looking at the corrupted GPT) and it's becoming an issue because i'm attempting to dual boot with Ubuntu. Thanks!
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Try booting using the install disc, then going into system recovery and letting the wizard look for ( and correct ) problems.

After that doesn't fix it, you might want to try the command line use of the bootrec tool, as outlined on this Microsoft support page.

Of course, these tools can be potentially dangerous and you should have backups, etc.

Personally speaking, I've always had better luck installing my favorite linux flavor first, then installing windows and altering the boot sequence with grub afterwards. If you have the time/patience/capacity, backing up your windows data and doing a fresh reinstall might be quicker.

Good luck!
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I've had great success using Get Data Back NTFS on this website. Not free

I have no affiliation with the producer of this software, I just know it has saved my partitions twice. Try that Microsoft link first, and if checkdisk runs on next startup then you should be fine.

Best of luck.

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I managed to use the Windows 7 cd to rebuilt the partition tables.
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