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I have a new ipod touch, but i already have mutliple media players. What could i use the touch for?
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There are a large number of software applications (apps) that run on the iPod Touch.
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I use my iPod Touch to study Japanese, primarily. I use ShinKanji, which is an AWESOME Kanji Dictionary that accepts handrwriting input and displays stroke order animations. I also use a few other Japanese dictionary programs the names of which aren't readily coming to mind. I subscribe to podcasts and download them onto my iPod Touch.

Also, I use my iPod Touch to watch movies while on the treadmill, using this stand. Of course, you might be doing something similar with your other media players.

For games, Geo Defense and Geo Defense Swarm are two awesome games that can only be played on the iPod Touch and iPhone; they aren't available for other platforms.
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I hardly ever use my Touch to listen to music or watch movies.

I use it for web-surfing. I read books on it with the Kindle app. I play games (including Myst). I do crossword puzzles. I take notes. I do email. I use the This American Life app to listen to episodes of that show (within WiFi range). I use the Maps function.

You never have to use it for media. There are more good apps available for it than you can ever possibly use.
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I don't have a single music file or video on my Touch. Just apps, all the way down.

I use Kindle and Stanza for reading pay and not-for-pay books, I surf the web (incl. metafilter with it) and do my GMailing with it. I also have a mind-mapping application, a couple of sound recording apps, the PRI app (for shows like This American Life and more), an SSH app for connecting to other computers on my network and getting things done, and a contraction-timer app to time my wife's contractions. :-)

Makes a great alarm clock, too...
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I read this and am writing my response on an iPod touch. It has replaced my PDA for appointments and address book functionality (synchronises with work's Exchange server), I read RSS feeds on it, play games, make notes, all sorts of things. I hardly ever use it to play music (I think the only MP3 files on it at the moment are recordings of birdsong).
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I read eBooks and play a lot of games in addition to work stuff and email.

I also use it as a portable organizer for notes, pictures of things I need to do or buy, and I surf the web with it when I'm not near a computer. It has meant that as long as I have reliable WiFi, I no longer need to carry a laptop with me everywhere I go.
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Evernote lets me synch notes between my iTouch and my laptop.

Nuevasync lets me sync my mail and calendar with Gmail and Google Calendar and also syncs with Exchange if you need it.

I have a couple of things like Sit-or-Squat (public bathroom locator) and OpenTable for on-the-go.

And a half-dozen or so games that are perfect for killing time in waiting rooms when there is no open WiFi.

Never have put any music or videos on it, nor am I likely to. It's my pocket laptop.
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If you have a set of speakers or a home theater system, and a wifi network, you can plug the iPod into it and use it to play audio from your computer wirelessly. Get Airfoil Speakers Touch along with Airfoil ($25). Then just plug the iPod into an outlet and tuck it out of the way somewhere. You can leave it running all the time for easy music throughout your home whenever you like.
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i use my touch ALL the time, even when my laptop is right beside me. i use it to surf the web even at home, to keep track of all kinds of data (appointments, addresses, to-do list my period, etc) via various apps, to play games, to help me shop for groceries for particular recipes in cooking apps. i prefer browsing twitter on it than on my macbook pro; somehow the small screen makes it more pleasurable. it works as a remote for my apple tv and the boxee app i installed onto it, making it easier to control my media system. i only ever use it to listen to music at the gym, when i'm running and using the couch to 5k app i bought for it—the main reason this couch potato is still running after WEEKS of this program instead of dropping out is because the c25k app on my touch makes it super easy to do. i super love my touch and am so glad i bought it instead of a nano.
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I use the timer in the clock app for cooking, laundry, and exercise. I keep track of the tides, use it for recording audio notes, as a pedometer, and for background sounds. Although you have media players, the Pandora and Public Radio apps are great. Plus mine is synced with my MacBook through Dropbox.
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This post may be somewhat relevant.
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You can get CraigsPro to take photos of and sell the other media players on craigslist more easily than through the CL website itself :)
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