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[TatersFilter] What the heck does this sexual reference, "Soft Pack", mean?

During SXSW in Austin, I found this two sided card stuck on a paper vending machine downtown. There were a few other cards near it, so they were planted there, probably trying to attract the crowds in town.

Side one features a scantily clad guy, and the text "Left Your Soft Pack at Home? For a Good Time text CMON to #####"

Side two, theres a scantily clad woman, and the text "Is Your Pack Soft? For A Good Time Text CMON to #####" Both feature the same number.

So, while I have a pretty good understanding of what this texting service is going to be about, I can't fathom what "soft pack" and "is your pack soft?" would mean specifically.

Is there a meaning at all, or are they creating plausible deniability? Would they really need to be so discrete in offering a phonesex/hookup service when the back of any free newspaper is filled with much more suggestive adds?
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It's a dildo with the shape and rigidity of a flaccid penis, intended to be worn under your clothes to give the appearance of having male genitalia.
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Best answer: A little googling found a myspace page of a band called "Soft Pack" with a song called "c'mon." My guess is that is was SXSW promotion for that band.
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(Note: I'm not entirely sure what it means in that particular context, but that's the sexual reference as I understand it.)
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Response by poster: Ah damn, I had googled "Is your pack soft" and "left your soft pack at home", but I guess I didn't try just "soft pack".

While I feel a bit foolish for being taken in by viral marketing, my hat is off to this band, and thanks to seventyfour.
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And they were at SXSW so that makes sense.
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