OSX Snow Leopard and Win XP File permissions are not playing nice. Ideas?
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OSX Snow Leopard and Win XP File permissions are not playing nice. The Mac seems to be writing permissions so that users on the windows XP file server cannot change or move the files. It says that you have to have "domain/user" permission. Is there a way to set permissions on the mac side so that all content created on the mac will have permissions set to be open for all users to modify. Or anyone have any other ideas of what could be causing this problem? Thanks in advance for any advice.
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Snark: XP isn't a file server.

But that's not really the point. If you go to the security for the shared folder, check the inheritance settings.

And/or, create a group on the XP machine that has the appropriate sharing settings, make that group the owner of the shared folder, and put all user names that use the XP share into that group. You may have to create users on the XP machine for every external user.
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This is something that I would go to the forums at http://www.macwindows.com and ask. Lots of *VERY* intelligent folks over there that deal with this stuff on a daily basis.
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