Cool down my laptop.
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[OvercompensatingForSomethingThereBuddy?Filter] I need the biggest, baddest mutha of a laptop cooler in the biz.

I just got a new 18.5" laptop (~17.5" base). Due to my living space, It heats up to ~145F if I so much as watch a Netflix movie on it. Fortunately, unlike my old laptop, this has not caused any noticeable slowdown yet (the old one would slow down at ~150 and grind to a halt at anything higher) I'm worried about what will happen in the upcoming summer months.

So, I need to cool this thing down. Except large laptop coolers are few and far between so I'd like to know which one to get. Expensive is okay. Bonus points if it is easily cleaned or disassembleable.
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Oh. I should mention I'm using this thing is a desktop-replacement, so the cooler doesn't need to be easily carried around.
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I have an extra one. MeMail me and I'll send it to you.
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Where are you getting the temperature numbers from? If it is the outside of the case, that's too hot. Get it fixed. If it is some kind of internal software derived number, I wouldn't worry about it as long as the fans are working.

I don't recommend laptop coolers for the following reason: unless it is designed for the exact machine you are using it on, you can't know whether it is going to end up working against the built in cooling or not. If the cooler's big ass fan is blowing out and the laptop is trying to suck in from the same place, you will make things worse.
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If the software numbers drop, though, is there still a chance it is making it worse?
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Can i just drop in that I love the frontpage sentence of this question.
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I noticed most of the improvement from my cooler came from just having it on a flat/solid surface, before even turning on the fans. Try just putting it on a tray and see if that helps. As a bonus, you won't have to worry about any spacers on the cooler destroying the bottom of your laptop.
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