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Where can I watch quality video online without needing to register, share files or download special software or media players?

I've only just discovered TED talks and PBS Frontline websites, and would love to find more quality videos/documentaries in this vein. Thanks!
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PS. BY "quality" I mean interesting, intelligent content, rather than the quality of the files / image quality (so long as they're watchable on an average laptop). thanks : )
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PBS Frontline
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Looks like there are other shows available on the PBS video site, including Nova and American Experience.
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Okay, the more I look at that PBS site, the more awesome it is. They have episodes of Julia Child's show! My dad had told me he was watching stuff on PBS's website, but I had no idea just how much they had.

Now, if they would only post Square One...
posted by chiefthe at 5:38 AM on April 23, 2010 has a lot of documentary films. Not all are free, though.

I came across this site looking for the lovely River cottage shows.
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Don't miss -- lots of good stuff here. A trove. has TONS of movies, documentaries, music and comedy specials, cult favorites, just all kinds of different vids. Most hosted on google movies so not too many HD (yet, anyways). Plan 9 From Outer Space? Check. Night Of The Living Dead? Check. George Carlin and Bill Hicks comedy shows? Check. What To Do On a Date (1950)? Check. Lots of junk but lots of good also, you might find it worth your time to take a peek around there.
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This is quite subjective but Hulu does have movies and documentaries.
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Top Documentary Films is a curated collection of links to documentaries.
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if you like the short length format of youtube but want higher quality and more interesting/artisitic videos, I'd recommend
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