Baseball on the radio... but which radio to buy?
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I'm looking for an AM/FM/HD radio to tune in to the Sawx or the Pats when I'm working downtown Baaawstin on Sundays.

I love the FM-quality broadcasts I get in my car, and I'd like that at my desk, or better, when I work Sundays. The Red Sox play matinees sundays, and the Patriots are an NFL team, so they play more Sundays than not. I'm also an NPR addict.

Which AM/FM/HD radio should I buy to best enjoy Sundays tied to a desk? And where should I buy it from?
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If I were at my desk I'd stream the radio through my computer, into my wireless headphones.
Most radio station let you listen on your computer. WGBH certainly does.

If I couldn't use a computer, I'd use my Sansa Clip MP3 player, which also has an FM radio function.
I just got a 1GB model at the drug store for $20, mostly for listening to books-on-tape, but the FM sound is good.
(No HD or AM though)
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Red Sox games are not available via WEEI online. You have to generally buy the MLB streaming package.
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I've had a Kloss Tivoli Audio Model One for several years. Works nice. Also have a Sony ICF-38, which is a basic portable. That works fine, too.

Pay attention to selectivity (ability to separate stations on adjacent frequencies), sensitivity (ability to handle weaker signals), and audio quality. You don't buy a little radio expecting wondeful sound, but you want something that reproduces a natrual sounding human voice, not some annoying tinny squeaky thing.

By nature, AM radios are subject to audio interference generated by flourescent bulbs and other electrical devices. Better radios have sheilding to deal with that. The problem can be especially annoying in an office building. Turning and moving the radio can often help reduce the interference.
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I went with a Sony ICF-38 desktop model, and since I'm on the same floor as our data center, I got nothing but static. I bought the MLB app for my droid, and since we have a repeater for cell phone signals on this floor, I listen to da Sawx that way - my only gripe is that the broadcast stops itself once every half hour or so and needs to be re-initiated.
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