Brand new 1975 Norton Commandos for sale? What - arrgh!
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Help - I'm on a very short fuse! Any experience/recommendations with services in Belgium (Aalst) that will pick up, pack and ship items to the USA, at 'reasonable' cost?

This auction being held in Aalst, Belgium, which includes 11 'new'-in-crate 1975 Norton Commando 850 motorcyles, has me lusting over some items and wanting to bid (wish I could afford one of the Commandos). However, I'll have to content myself with possibly bidding on some of the parts. But, I'm in the USA and know no one there or nearby.

Auction ends April 26 - All items have to be picked up May 3. So, I need recommendations/experiences with any firms with which I could contract, for a (hopefully) reasonable fee, to pick up the items on that date, package them and arrange shipping at lowest cost to me in USA - Or, your sympathy/commiserations. How would you go about finding competent folks to do this at short notice? Anyone?
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Talk to moving companies possibly? Shipping itself shouldn't be that much if you go by sea, it'll just take 6 weeks+.
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I'd guess a "koerier" or "koerierdienst" (courier services) is the service you're looking for. I can't give you any personal recommendations, but a search in the Yellow Pages will get you started.
For example: Service Express. Their website is Dutch only, but explicitly states they handle international shippings. Contact them here.

Express Koerier service is listed in the category Express freight transport (as it's unclear whether you want to ship large or small items).

If you're looking for moving companies, the Dutch word is "verhuizer" (mover) or "verhuisfirma" (moving company). (But the above-linked Yellow Pages use English keywords.)
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