Hard drive to use with Fostex D2424LV MKII?
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What hard drives can I use with a Fostex D2424LV MKII digital recorder?

I just received a Fostex D2424LV MKII digital recorder. The previous models came with a hard drive installed (some sort of 80GB EIDE drive) - this one does not. Nowhere can I find any information on what hard drives I can use, what the maximum capacity is, other than an old PDF from 2007 on the Japanese Fostex website. I know they recommend (perhaps) W-D Caviar drives, but they make mention of "hardware adjustments" needed to use these, and nothing about what the maximum capacity is. Anyone know?
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A Guitar Center's web site says this model has a "3.5inch, E-IDE type hard disk." This site talks about modifying the installed hard drive, perhaps give them a call?
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