Need help with Google Voice
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I'm trying to use Google Voice instead of Jott to transcribe voice messages that I send to myself on my mobile phone. It works fine when I call from my work landline, but when I call from my mobile phone, the Google Voice lady starts asking for my PIN - i.e., I can't leave a voice message. Obviously I've got it set up wrong, but I don't know how to fix it. Please help!
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What I've done is make a group for myself and told it to send me to voicemail. You can hit * while the message is playing if you actually need to get into your account for anything if you set it up this way.
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By default, it sends you to voicemail when you call from your mobile. In the advanced settings, choose your mobile phone, then advanced. Then you can set it to Voicemail Access = no.
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Most probably it recognizes you as the owner and tries to get you into your voicemail box.
What if you try to direct all calls to the voicemail automatically?
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Thank you advicepig, that worked!
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