DVD indexing/cataloging software options?
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Does anyone have any suggestions for DVD indexing/cataloging software options?

I have about 750 DVDs. I was managing with a series of CD/DVD binders but it was getting unwieldy. I was using a software solution to index them (EMDB), which allows a location field, so I could put "Binder 3" for example. It still meant scanning through a couple hundred DVDs in a binder to find what I was looking for.

I ended up buying a couple of cases similar to this, which have numbered sleeves, thinking the solution was to assign a number to each disc and index them by software that way.

In the long run, that wasn't going to work because sometimes I have friends or guests who want to browse through the discs without having to fire up my computer and find an individual disc. Or sometimes its late and the computer is in the other room and I just don't want to get up when the discs are right in front of me. Or whatever.

My solution:

Arrange the discs into general categories (action, comedy, drama, sci-fi/fantasy, TV, etc.) and then further organized alphabetically. I disregard the numbers printed on the hanging folders. That way when I get a new disc it is an easy matter to just insert the disc in the appropriate place, and it makes browsing without software a breeze, which makes guests and whatnot happy.

That said, I still need a software solution.

Does anyone have any experiences with the Windows-based DVD cataloging software out there? There seems to be a ton of it, some free, some not. Features I am interested in would be the ability to have easily separated categories along the lines I have the physical discs separated (more than just a "location" - perhaps a filter based on location that can still be sorted alphabetically, so I can just restrict the view to my "Action" collection?). The ability to download general movie info from IMDB or similar. TV series support would be rad too.

All that, in a simple interface - I'm not going to be into creating custom scripts or using obscure DOS-based cataloging software from the early 90s that requires me to memorize complex key combination, which has been suggested to me more times than I care to remember.

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DVDProfiler also have a version for a smartphone and that takes care of the browsing.
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CharlesV42 - Thanks for the link. Unfortunately, the #1 Windows app on that list doesn't seem to exist anymore. I've tried all the others in the list aside from the Mac-only Delicious Library in the past but maybe I'll revisit them.
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DVDProfiler does still exist. I gave in and bought it 2 years ago when all the other apps failed to do what I wanted them to do. http://www.invelos.com/
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Oops, thought you were saying DVDProfiler didn't exist. I tried it at the time, but it didn't seem quite ready for prime time.
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I use Collectorz: Movie Collector. Was a big ol' pirate of it, but once my collection got big, decided that it was definitely worth giving money to them.

I think that they have a trial version, which can subsequently upgrade to the full version and carry over your existing database.

It definitely supports IMDB information import (and from Amazon, their own databases, and other stores). You can enter custom fields to detail the physical location of the disc. You can sort by all kinds of criteria. You can also export your collection to html and either load it up on a smartphone or upload it to your webspace.
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I've been using DVDProfiler for about five years now. Works really well.
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