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Liechtenstein: worth visiting?

Liechtenstein, and/or environs, this summer. Thanks.
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If you have 3 spare minutes Liechtenstein is worth it.

However it completely depends on what you want to do, Liechtenstein is tiny, it has a castle and a few towns and that is it. Are you planning on a 2 week holiday or just want to have a look around?
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You can see the world's most adorable parliament.
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Last time I went there they'd closed the road for a cycling race, and no one could get in or out.
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Last time I went there I passed through it without realising.
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You have to get outside.

It's about 15 miles from top to bottom, so you could walk the entire length of the country, or, if you were feeling lazy, you could ride a bicycle.

Summer stuff to do: hiking, biking, climbing, historical trails, etc.
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For the princely sum of £0.70, just a dollar to you sir, you can get the Lonely Planet's take on things.

Failing that, their national tourist site is rather good.
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Or rather, their national tourism site is rather good.

In summary: good hiking; castles, some decent places to eat.
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Biking across an entire country would be a cool thing to add to the list of things you've done.
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I've been. Liechtenstien is cute and bite-sized. A day or so yes, 2 weeks no.
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It's the last of the Habsburg monarchies!
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It's very nice but extraordinarily expensive more than a day or two and I'd consider staying elsewhere unless money is no object. Beautiful to walk in though and nice castles/parliament.
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Well you should at least stop by and get the official entry stamp in your passport. Then you should bike the whole country. And I believe there wer some awesome walls around the country that were fun climbing in? Maybe that was Luxembourg. Hell you could do both! It's vacation! Make a long weekend of it.
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I agree with the others that it's nice for a day or so, but I can't imagine staying for longer (pocket-book wise or things-to-do wise).

We were traveling across Austria a few years ago and made a point to stop in Liechtenstein (Vaduz, to be precise) because the geek in me really wanted to add one of the only two doubly-landlocked countries to my "visited" list. (Yes, I paid the 2 euros for a souvenir stamp in my passport.)

I don't know if you have any stamp-collecting friends, but if you do visit, you should mail a postcard to someone (yourself?) to get one of the famous stamps (although when we went to the post office museum, it was crazy filled with a couple of busloads of Japanese tourists, so we just skipped the museum and got our stamps instead).

It's a very clean, friendly place. The flowers were in bloom, the sun was out, and it wasn't a bad way to kill an afternoon.
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