Can you name this tune in three notes? Name that tune!
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NPR Morning Edition: Name that Tune...

A story about Lebanon and Syria aired this morning on NPR's Morning Edition. Can you identify the song (starts at 0:31 seconds into the story) that plays in the background of the story? It sounds like it is from a movie soundtrack, but I can't place it.
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It's weird to listen to morning edition at night!

I heard the same clip this morning and though it sounded familiar, I figured it was music from the production they were talking about that just happened to sound like something else I'd heard.
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Shazam says it's "Lux Aeterna" by Clint Mansell & Kronos Quartet, the album is also called Lux Aeterna.
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Dang it, you beat me. It's from Requiem For a Dream. Youtube. (I thought it was something from The Fountain at first, which is a killer soundtrack, by-the-by.)
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For future questions, they're on Twitter @morningedition ....
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For future questions, they're on Twitter @morningedition ....

As well NPR's 'Morning Edition' posts a breakdown of the music they use dail in their programs. Here's today's list.
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I can't listen to the clip right now, but keep in mind there's a remix of Lux Aeterna that became really popular after it was used in the The Two Towers trailer.
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