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Getting ready to give away/sell my old G3 iBook (White 800 mhz). I've wiped the drive and re-installed OSX from the original install disks. But ... I can't get past the registration screen.

I don't want to register the OS in my name, so what to do? I don't yet know who will be taking this machine. Is it OK to leave it at the registration screen until someone else takes the iBook and let them go from there?

I've shut down and restarted several times and it always goes to the registration screen on re-boot, so it seems to remember its "state". Will it be OK to leave it like this for the couple of weeks until I find it a new home?
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That's what I do when I surplus old macs from my office. You'll be fine.
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You can create an account (say, "user") to demo the machine, and reset the Setup Assistant when you sell it on.
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It's very common to create an account called "Apple" with the same password, similar to what holgate is saying. This is a fairly widely-known SOP and anyone receiving the iBook with the Apple/apple user/pass on it can simply create their own admin account and then delete the "Apple" one.
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