It's as if it's trying to stay a secret identity.
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Where online did I recently see for sale an instant superhero or superhero kit-type costume for adults that included a cape, goggles, and maybe a flight helmet?

I ran across an instant superhero-type item recently and now that I have a need for it I can't seem to turn it up again. I would have sworn it was at Archie McPhee, but it's not there, nor is it at the reasonably similar Fred Flare or ThinkGeek. As mentioned above, the kit included a cape, goggles, and maybe a flight helmet, but I have to say, I'm not absolutely sure I'm remembering that set of items correctly. It was none of the items on the first page of a Google Products Search. Any help, Super Mefites?
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Brooklyn Superhero Supply Store, most likely.
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Brooklyn's Superhero Supply (doubling as a non-profit tutoring program for kids) sells Secret Identity Kits and other crime-fighting supplies. You can buy online and even though it's not exactly what you asked for, it's pretty awesome.
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totally brooklyn's superhero supply. i learned about it from this
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Response by poster: It wasn't BSS, though that's a good suggestion for such stuff in general. The kit I'm remembering seeing was, I thought, coincidentally a lot like a friend's former secret identity - a costume that's been lost, I've learned - that was why I'm looking for this particular set.
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why is everything on BSS sized only for children?
where on earth is a grown man who dreams one day of becoming a super hero supposed to shop?
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