Random audio sample player
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I have an idea for a unique gift for a friend, and one of the things I need is a small device (say, pack-of-cigarettes size or smaller) that will accept and store multiple short audio samples (say, 10 seconds or less, at least six individual samples), and play a random sample at the press of a button. Does such a device exist?
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Personal soundtrack t-shirt?
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Oops, out of stock. Sorry.
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Do you have a geek pal who's handy or a local hacker space? I bet someone could rejigger a talking greeting card's innards for you, properly paid off/ bribed.
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These guys may do it. you're looking for "recordable sound module" for the greeting card innards.

Looks like they're limited to 10 seconds TOTAL however.
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Dunno about "the press of a button," but how about an iPod shuffle? That plus a small speaker would be well within your size constraints.
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A first or second gen. iPod shuffle would give you the press or a button part.
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I was actually looking for something similar a while back. I didn't find anything, but for any prospective answerers, it may be helpful to search for something like this.
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If you can find one, I believe the one of the later YakBak line had this capability. eBay, maybe?
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is something I just found at RadioShack.com. I didn't look through all the 178 results for "recording".
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There are several small mp3 players on ebay for around $20 that have built-in speaker and microphone. You could easily pull the guts out of one of those. There are even smaller ones around if you look places like Brando that could probably have a speaker wired on in place of the headphone jack. Then your only problem would be finding the speaker.
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