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How can I use my BlackBerry 8330 as a "clicker" for a presentation?

I have a presentation (will probably be using Prezi, but we have a PowerPoint as a contingency plan) to give next Tuesday. I'd like to use a wireless clicker to advance from one slide to the next. I'd prefer not to buy one. I have a BlackBerry 8330. Let's make this work.

Salling has software that does this, but the BlackBerry isn't supported.

I could purchase a wireless mouse, which is cheaper than a clicker, but I'm really going for a free option here.

MacBook Pro, 10.5.8
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Response by poster: Oh shit, I have an iPod touch as well, so maybe there's a solution there.
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i-Clickr PowerPoint Remote for iPod Touch.
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Response by poster: Does the i-Clickr work only with PowerPoint? I'd like to use this with Prezi if possible.
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You could use Touchpad Pro as a mouse for your Macbook Pro, although I have never used it with Prezi. It`s free though.
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I've used Logitech's Touch Mouse software ( for this before and it works beautifully. Download the Touch app, download the computer side server and, so long as you're on the same wifi signal, you are good to go.
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Best answer: I like the look of the Logitech solution, but it requires iPhone software v3.0, which I don't have. I went with PearPad. The free trial version let me test it out in 90-second increments, and I had enough money left over from an iTunes gift card to make the $1.99 purchase.
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