A Flickr Gallery For My Site, Without Flash?
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What are the best options for an online photo gallery that: (A) Pulls photos from my Flickr photostream, and (B) Doesn't use flash? Minimalist design preferred. iPhone-friendly would be awesome!
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Anything using the HTML5 canvas element will be iPhone friendly - here's an example. I'm sure there are a lot of others out there. You'll be sacrificing IE compatibility (until the next version, which will support canvas.)
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Excellent question and something I was also wondering.

My site uses a very basic javascript gallery called FJS-Flickr. It uses simple JS navigation, you can pull photos of all sizes by set or tag, and you configure it via CSS (pretty straightforward). It works on iPhone. The author stopped supporting and offering it though; if you're interested MeFimail me and I'll send you the documentation.

Otherwise, Fluidr is a great new minimalist Flickr gallery that requires zero set-up; you could embed it in your blog, e.g. with an iFrame. That's not very clean though, and I don't know if it's iPhone friendly (although would assume so).

Lastly, Squarespace offers a nice paid hosting platform (starting at $8/month); the developers have been claiming for months that they're about launch new "social widgets", that among many promised features will include Flash-less Flickr integration. They haven't launched yet though.
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Flogr looks great and is easy to setup (requires PHP).
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Response by poster: Flogr looks great, but it uses slimbox. I love slimbox, but I don't think slimbox works in the iphone. I could be wrong about that though. (From the slimbox website: "It is disabled by default on mobile devices (Android, iPhone/iPod, Symbian, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry).)"
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