By opening this email, you agree to the following:
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Cory Doctorow has a terms of service that he sends to publishing companies. Paraphrased it basically says "By opening this email, you agree to the following conditions" and then follows up with what rights he gives himself. Where can I find the full text of this?
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Here ya go!

The search term you need for this sort of thing is EULA (end user licensing agreement)
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Here is a nearly identical version that he uses as his signature in e-mails, suitable for copying and pasting. In this post, Doctorow writes about actually using the anti-EULA with a company.
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[comments removed - question is "where can I find this" not "what is your personal/legal opinion of this"]
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Thanks heyforfour, and thanks jessamyn. Opinions aside, I just needed it to use as an example for something.
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I used to do something similar with the websites I visit by using a browser plugin that allows specification of additional HTTP request headers. I added one called something like X-UsersRights that read something like "By serving this http request, you agree that any content returned will be subject only to ordinary copyright law in the appropriate juristiction, and not any additional terms of use"
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