Please help me help my friend with his addiction.
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I recently found out that a good friend of mine has been addicted to crystal meth for three years. I need help finding some resources for him.

There isn't a whole lot to do because I'm Colorado and he is in Southern California, but he has reached out to me I would love to send him some resources for rehab or support of some kind. The catch is he is near Lancaster, doesn't really have transportation and is on unemployment. Does anyone know of any low-cost/subsidized detox programs I could refer him to and/or any general advice for how I can support him in some small way? He is currently living with a friend (pretty far from where he was using) who agreed to take him in if he stays clean and he genuinely seems motivated to try and change.

This friend was extremely good to me when I needed someone and I would love to do something to help.
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A quick Google search turned up Western Pacific Med and Tarzana as area treatment centers that take Medicaid funded clients. I would recommend that he contact one of these programs and ask about an intake appointment and make his funding situation clear up front so they can investigate potential funding sources and let him know what his options are in terms of length of stay, what welfare forms he may need to fill out in advance, what he needs to bring with him in terms of identification in terms to complete any applications for medical assistance once he's there, etc. I have no idea if either of these facilities are any good, or what kind of treatment services they provide, but it looks like they at least don't demand private insurance or payment out of pocket in advance so they are worth at least contacting.
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You can recommend that he seek out Narcotics Anonymous meetings and start going every day. More than once a day, if possible. It's completely free and plenty of people get clean without expensive rehabs. If he's 100% willing to get into recovery right now, NA can help him in a more comprehensive and long-term way than any kind of rehab program. He can also meet people there who will be able to recommend facilities in his area if that's still something he wants to pursue.
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Agreeing with something something, and I would add that if he does end up going into treatment, any center with any sort of success rate is going to require NA or AA participation as well. (As an aside-- lots of addicts go to AA meetings and just use the word "alcohol" as a stand in for drugs-- and speak of getting "loaded" in place of "drunk". Reason is that there's a lot more recovery in AA as it is an older, more established program than the relatively newer NA-- and everyone says "alcohol" and "loaded" in place of "drugs" and "high" so as not to alienate neither the old-timers nor any newcomers who might not be able to relate to the drug references.) Addiction is the same anywhere.

NA really would be a good start no matter what. If your friend is concerned with the higher power part, well... I'm an atheist and did just fine in NA/AA-- pm me if you want more info.
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