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Our relationship just isn't the same. My needs aren't being met anymore, no matter how much I communicate. Is it time to break up...with my stylist? [+]

(WhenGoodStylistsGoBadFilter) I've been seeing the same stylist for a couple of years -- she's also done my sister's hair for ages, and I've recommended her to several friends. For a long time, the cuts were great and the color was fabulous (and the prices right).

But lately.... not so much. We've all noticed over the past several months (maybe 6 or so) that her work just isn't up to par anymore. Bangs are never even; chunks of layers get put in where no layer should ever go; colors and highlights are inconsistent. No amount of explaining/bringing in pictures/reminiscing happily about previous (good) cuts/etc. seems to do the trick -- we're all walking out of there unhappy with our hair (and feeling like it's not such a bargain anymore).

There's no boss to appeal to since she's self-employed (i.e., she just rents her chair at the salon she works at). I like her personally and I know she's working hard to get by, so I'm reluctant simply to disappear -- but I'm likewise reluctant to let her near my hair again after it took 6 weeks to grow out the bad cut from last time. Can this relationship be saved? Or should I just dump her and move on?
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If it gets to where you'd be dumping her anyway, it couldn't hurt to tell her straight up what's bothering you. Maybe there's an explanation. Or maybe it'll inspire her to get her act together.

(Funny, that's the exact same response I'd have given if this was a failing marriage post. Then again, I cut my own hair, so I don't have any specific insight into the art of dealing with stylists.)
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I'd dump her and move on. For whatever reason, it seems likey she's not enjoying her work anymore. I kind of think it's unlikely that you telling her how you feel about her shoddy work will inspire her to do better; more likely it will result in an uncomfortable situation...

But, like nebula, I cut my own hair, so what do I know.
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I just went through this. I am a serial monogamist when it comes to my hair. I loved my hair dresser - we were super compatible. I moved with him when he went from assistant at a fancy salon to his own chair elsewhere. I even bought him his first set of business cards to get him started. A totally cool guy. But after 4 years the magic started to fade. We were both stuck in a big rut. I had hair and he had no ideas. A friend I recommended actually got a bad hair cut.
It was insanely difficult to call and make an appointment with someone else but it was sooo worth it. I've now just had my second hair cut with my new guy and I couldn't be happier. The comments from strangers in the elevators have almost erased the guilt I have for leaving my Aron. I still recommend him to others - I just realized it was time for me to move on.
I avoid confrontation as a rule - so I opted for the "dump by just not making another appointment" method. I'll likely run into him around - I often see him at shows. All I can hope is that he'll understand that it isn't personal.
Good Luck!
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I'm in agreement with Specklet. You owe her nothing. You pay her for a service. You are no longer satisfied. Move alone. However, I too cut my own hair. I probably don't know anymore than Specklet or nebulawindphone.
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The way your hair is cut affects how your face looks, which affects how people think of you. A bad haircut is like having to wear an illfitting suit for 4 weeks: no matter what you do, it's just not right. Everyone has bad days at their job, but if you've had 6 months worth of bad haircuts in a row, you owe it to yourself to not make another appointment.

I don't cut my own hair.
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I had this problem, and now I rotate - I see my old guy just before Christmas every year, and I see someone else 2-3 other times a year. It seems to keep everything pretty fresh.
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I agree with those who say dump her. I dumped my stylist (of countless years) a few years ago because she kept giving me bad haircuts and I haven't regretted leaving for a minute.

You're paying for all these haircuts and if you're not happy with them, it's time to move on...
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I'd say it depends on the extra-professional relationship. If you guys are closer than normal (say, you've given gifts, exceptional tips, or have met outside of the business), then you owe the truth to your stylist. After that, if it continues, drop 'em.
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