Help me find 90's Hip Hop Mixes!
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90's Hip Hop Mix Filter: I've got DJ Jazzy Jeff's incredible "Live From Nowhere". Please suggest other professionally produced hip-hop mixes (or DJ's) that should be in my life.

The reason I like DJ Jazzy Jeff's mix is that he doesn't go crazy with the cutting - that can get old very quickly. In addition, he's got superb transitions, excellent samples, and most importantly: amazing hip-hop taste. My taste is 90's hip hop including just about every artist on that mix including:

A Tribe Called Quest
Brand Nubians
Carl Thomas
Craig Mack
Das Efx
De La Soul
Gang Starr
Jay Z
Jeru The Damaja
Keith Murray
Mobb Deep
Ol' Dirty Bastard
Organized Konfusion
Pete Rock
Slum Village
The Roots

Standard 90's Hip Hop. There are definitely more artists in that list.

Any specific mixes that I should be looking for will be greatly appreciated. DJ's that rock 90's hip hop (or did) would also be very helpful. Thanks!
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Best answer: I have no idea if the files from this MeFi post are still up (can't get to the file sharing site at work), but the post links four hours of Funkmaster Flex spinning 90s hip-hop on the radio. Highly recommended.
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it's not exactly what you're looking for - but you might enjoy the dilla joints mixtape put out by the roots.
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Best answer: You'd probably dig the Rub Radio 90s mixes. The Beat Junkies have done some great 90s mixes, but if you don't like it when people go crazy with the cutting, they're probably not the right choice for you.
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I was coming to this thread to recommend the Funkmaster Flex 90's mix he did on July 4, but I see I was beaten to the punch! It's a great mix and although there's some talking at times. It's especially worth the listen for the nostalgia if you were in the NYC area during the 90's.
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Response by poster: Awesome suggestion from GamblingBlues - I'm listening now it's great - classic Funk Master Flex (and all is yapping) are bringing me back.

And thank you, box, this is an incredible link.

Keep em coming!
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Last week's In Living Color post was like a crash-course refresher for me in 90's hip hop
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Best answer: I had to dig around in some dusty bins to find what I was looking for but I found them. I remember some free promotional mixtapes being release in the mid 90's by Echo Unlmtd and they were absolutely mind-blowing. I found this blog linked to all six.
I suppose this is more of a compilation but one of the best late '90s hip-hop albums around was the Lyricist Lounge. The second album I didn't dig as much, but there's still plenty there.
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Best answer: what you want is the show archive here:

not exactly professional but not amateur either, sick mixes by montreal radio djs specializing in golden age hip hop with a lil bit of new stuff for flavor.
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J. Period makes some killer mixes. His "Best of Lauryn Hill" is particularly noteworthy.
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Best answer: Hip-Hop Forever
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Response by poster: Thank you all - there's enough content here to put me in a 90's hip-hop coma - I really appreciate it!
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