How to watch tonight's Suns game in St. Louis?
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Diehard Phoenix Suns fan in St. Louis seeking to watch tonight's game. Anyone know where in St. Louis I can watch the game on NBA TV? Alternatively, is anyone in Phoenix willing to use Slingbox or point a webcam at their TV showing the game on FOX Sports AZ?
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It's a playoff game; I would imagine any serious sports bar will have it on. You might have to fight for a TV given that the Cardinals game starts 20 minutes prior, but I would be shocked if you can't walk into any sports bar in any major city in the United States and NOT be able to watch an NBA playoff game.
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Here's a list of sports bars in the St. Louis area. Call them and find out which one is showing the game.
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sent you a mefi mail
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You can also check the live channels for live sporting events. (You usually have to wait until the game starts, however.) They quite frequently have regular season NHL, so I can't imagine someone won't be doing playoff NBA.
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Check out Veetle. You have to install a plugin, but the quality surpasses most feeds.
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I *think* if you have any buddies that have NBA League Pass, you should be able to watch on with their login/password.
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Blazer's fan here. Hissssss!

Actually congrats on tonight's win. Next time, however... ;)
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