Help me find this old B&W photo of a woman and baby
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Looking to ID an old B&W photograph based on a description of it. A dark-haired woman napping on a bed in daytime, with a baby beside her.

Further details: the woman wears only undershorts, and they kind of look like a bandage (swaddled white fabric). The photo was perhaps taken in Spain or Mexico? It's hard to guess the year, but I'd say later than 1900, earlier than 1970. The composition is from somewhat above them. It's an image that would have appeared in textbooks or as part of a class syllabus -- not too obscure. Thanks!
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This sounds a lot like a photo by Robert Frank of his wife and daughter that was included in his recent show at the National Gallery of Art. Trying to find it online now.
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Not having any luck, I'm afraid.
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This may be the photo ryanshepard is talking about. Not sure if it's what you're looking for, though.

Mary and Pablo, Feb, 1952
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NSFW. Could well be this one, no baby but some spikey fruit. By Manuel Alvarez Bravo.
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Look at catalogs for Harry Callahan. He took a lot of pictures of his wife, Eleanor, and their children. Some of them vaguely match your description.

Perhaps this google image search for Harry Callahan, Eleanor will be of service.
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