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BizarroFilter: GoogleFu failing me, very much need to stare into the abyss of my favourite cartoon of all time. Dan Pariro, Bizarro: Coke machine (a "That's Life!" machine, actually) offering such things as "Virtue" "Integrity" etc, but with yellow sticky reading "SOLD OUT" over "Shiny Crap".

This was from prolly a few decades (!) ago, B&W as I recall--not a Sunday feature, but a daily. Found it once on the interwebz aeons ago. You'd think I'd have put it in my "Holy of Holies" folder. Of course not...




(If MeFi can't help I'm going straight to the Make A Wish Foundation...)
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Response by poster: Always fun to switch "Headline/Title" with "Tags". :(

Oh well, "That's Life...!"
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Dan Piraro is his name. Why don't you ask him? He seems like a nice guy...
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Argh, "Truth, Happiness, Honesty and Noisy Shiny Crap" and

"1 - TRUTH





are two versions I've seen from others trying to track this down.
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Best answer: Oh oh oh--here you go! Found here.
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Response by poster: Rocketh thereun oh mightily doth thou, MonkeyToes my Hero!!

(And even on the ever same site were I tracked it down oh so long ago, to boot!)

Just to get my GoogleFu up to par, HOW did you find it?!?!
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Shiny noisy crap on a vending machine--couldn't duplicate the search just now. I think that some random combination of shiny/noisy/crap/Piraro/Bizarro/vending made it pop on Google images waaaaay down in the results. Funny that it's the same site as you originally saw it on, though!
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