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I am renting a room in shared house, which means that, as with many roomies/housemates, the bulk of my possessions have to live in one room. Please suggest blogs or tips for organising and making the place look nice!

Yes, I know the standard answer is Apartment Therapy, but a) most of it is geared towards people with a whole flat to play with, which isn't my current situation b) as a renter I can't paint, wallpaper or fix things to my walls. (The place I'm leaving wouldn't allow posters up with blu-tack, for example.) I'm moving to a bigger room after two years in a tiny tiny room, and I want to make it a nice space that makes me happy until I can move in with MrMippy like a real grown-up.

- I'm in the UK, but I don't mind overseas blogs (I just can't always follow their recommendations)
- my room is furnished and I don't want to buy any new furniture or indeed anything much expensive for the moment - and if I decide to, I'd rather it was reasonably-priced long-lasting stuff rather than cheap but disposable.
- as well as my clothing, I have many books and craft supplies so they need to have a place to live. Most things I've read talk about how bedrooms are places for sleeping and shagging only - this can't apply to me for the time being.
- the word 'declutter' makes me want to kill kittens. I've gone from a 40sq.ft storage locker, bigger than the place I'm moving from, to an almost reasonable amount of stuff. I'm looking forward to the extra space meaning I can rationalise and organise more, but I feel I want to stop the shedding possessions element for a bit.
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I recently got some "Really Useful Box" products from Staples. They sell 9L boxes into which you can put smaller ones, and at the top you can put a special stationery tray. I put all of my stationery and craft products into that. I plan to get another box like it for putting all of my toiletries into.

It's very hard to organise all of my stuff in one room. I luckily have a huge wardrobe into which I put much more than clothes. One solution for me has been to keep the amount of stuff I own to a minimum, as I hate mess. Also, don't forget about the drawers under your bed. I lived months without even considering putting things into them.
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Go vertical. Seriously, with everything. Dorm students have improvised small spaces for a long time.
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Make use of your vertical space: a couple of tall bookcases with neat rows of fashionable storage boxes will go a long way toward solving your organization/storage problems.
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You can obviously class it up a little, but the old classic college-dorm-bed-on-milkcrates thing exists for a reason. The amount of stuff you can store under a bed in that situation is impressive, with very little inconvenience to the surrounding space.
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Unclutterer is a fairly good blog. I read it when I am feeling organised.

I haven't read it in a while ;)
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The single-greatest storage / retrieval system ever invented—particularly for places tight on space.

Nowadays, as things are moved to digital, you can find wonderful, beautiful old card catalogs literally being given away.
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Much as I love those old library catalogue drawers, they do take up a bit of space themselves. Something to consider when I get my own place, though.
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These two blog posts caused me to have a clothes storage epiphany recently.


I found some of the types of hangers mentioned on Ebay, 30 for £18. Every woman I need to buy a gift for from now on is getting a bunch of these, they are quite brilliant, whay arent all hangers that shape and material?
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Sorry, £13 not £18, search for 'non-slip hangers'.
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Are these sometimes sold as 'velvet hangers'? If so, I've seen some like them in TK Maxx in several colours, but about £10 for 10 which seems an awful lot for plastic hangers, and at the time I remembered having been told that wooden ones are absolutely the best to have. The small slim shape is very appealling, though - feel free to MeMail me if there's a particular brand or seller you use.
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Yes quite probably the very same thing. These are the ones I got (Ignore the today only thing, the price hasnt changed in a month).
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