How can I send an email to a lot of people without being considered a spammer?
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Dodgy question time: I need to send an identical reply email to about 150 people, legitimately, and with their consent. How can I do it without being considered a spammer by Gmail and/or by their mail software/ISPs? I use OS X, but can run Windows virtualized.
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Campaign monitor.

$5 per campaign and 1 cent per recipient. They take care of the spam hassle.
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Alternative: MailChimp.
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Yeah, Mailchimp looks really interesting, and I can't wait to try it out.

However, I've used Outlook (IMAP)'s "mail merge" feature with Gmail many, many times to send mail to 300+ recipients at a time (I worked for an industry association and had to conduct various campaigns, including surveys, so all the recipients knew who I was).

I generally broke the mail merge into batches of 10 or so, in order to avoid getting blacklisted.
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I don't know if anything's changed since December or so, but I had no problem replying to many people with an identical message in Gmail when doing the MeFi Cd Swap. They'd email me first to sign up, and I'd reply individually with an identical 'you're in!'-type email. 20, 30, up to 50 at once, and right around 150 all told. Once they were signed up and notified, I added them to a contact group and just wrote to the group whenever I wanted to email everyone.

One man's experience, and maybe not the same situation (if I'm not reading you right, apologies) but hopefully it will put your fears to rest?
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