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What are some good, informative, and accurate documentaries and/or podcasts covering the various American presidencies?

I'm interested in some history lessons covering the various American presidencies. What documentaries or podcasts would you recommend that are accurate (as well as easy to acquire)? Any (ante Obama) presidency is fine, however, I'm especially interested in Clinton and the older presidents you don't hear much about. Anything is fine, though.
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Would you be interested in a documentary about the 1992 Clinton presidential campaign? Because The War Room is awesome.
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While not specific to presidencies, the History Channel has just completed their most expensive history project to date called "America: The Story of US". You can watch on their channel starting on April 25 or if you are a teacher or work at a school, you can request for a free copy of the DVD at the bottom of the link.
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Gore Vidal's American Presidency.
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C-Span's American Presidents series was great. It is for sale on the website and it is expensive. Maybe you can get them from another source (library or something).
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