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Seeking recommendations for a great hairstylist near Evanston, IL who can cut my way-too-long curly hair!

I've been living in Chicago for almost three years now, and haven't found a great stylist to cut my hair. It's time - I start hospital rotations in the summer and I just can't go on having hair that takes upwards of three hours to dry.

I would like someone who has experience cutting curly hair (and doing it well). I would like recommendations for specific salons and stylists (and who to avoid, if necessary).

I can spend up to about $90 on this adventure, prefer lower if possible, but willing to spend for a decent cut.

I don't want a Deva cut - been there, experienced that, and for the extra time and cost associated, didn't notice enough of a difference.

I am willing to go about as far north as Wilmette, and am willing to travel a reasonable distance into the city. I live off the Purple line, and don't mind somewhere off of the Red line (as far as Fullerton) or most of Brown line.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!
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Not sure about curly hair, but the only person who's been able to cut my super-thick, super-opinionated, wavy hair into a luscious, obedient bob is Robin at Trio on Central.
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I'm not sure about long curly hair either (fine and straight, here), but I've been very happy with Andrew at Red 7 Salon on Dempster. After seeing how he cut both my mom and sister's hair, I made trips from Chicago to see him.
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My curly-haired friend has pretty awesome hair, and it is cut byStevie at Sine Qua Non.
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ROB Reyes at Art and Science is a Curl's Best Friend. He is totally like Edward Scissorshands. So talented and he GETS it......he understands that each girls' curls is different than the next, and he makes a point of getting to know the unique characteristics of your curls, will ask lots of questions. I have lived in Chicago for 20 years and he is the first stylist who gets my curls. Plus he is a great guy. He works at the Wicker Park Location most days, but on Halsted St. location on Thursdays (there is an Art and Science in Evanston but he does not go to that location as far as I know, but you could ask.....). Tell him Lynn sent you. Oh, and only $80!
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woops...correction, it's actually $75.00 as of my last cut
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Awegz: couldn't get in to see Andrew, but had an appointment with Matt. My hair has never looked so... tame. Thanks for the salon recommendation!
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