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Looking for a quotation cite. I swear it's Delillo. For a long time I thought it was in White Noise but I have been unable to find it in there in spite of re-reading the novel to find the quotation. Maybe The Names or Ratner's Star. The quotation: "betrayal stalks every secret".
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"The thing that hovers over every secret is betrayal"
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In Libra on page 218, "The thing that hovers over every secret is betrayal."

This appears to be the only time betrayal and secret are used in the same sentence of a Delillo novel. In fact, he uses "betrayal" very infrequently, something like 25 times over all his novels. I have all his published work digitized, this was simple.

Google Books is also good with things like this, but keep the search simple (one or two words), otherwise the highlight and preview doesn't seem very work as well.
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You guys are awesome. I was misremembering the stalking component in my failure search. When I googled on my phrase I got my own damn post.
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