Help me piece together a complete Cometbus discography.
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What is the comprehensive Aaron Cometbus discography? Please help me fill in the blanks beyond Crimpshrine, Pinhead Gunpowder, Cleveland Bound Death Sentence, Astrid Oto, and Thorns of Life.

I realize that his Wikipedia page has an extensive list of bands, some of which he toured with, drummed for sporadically, etc.

But I'm looking for something that isn't clear from that list: What is the complete list of recordings on which he appears or for which he wrote lyrics?

Not particularly interested in info about his zine. Got that covered. I'm looking for things to search for online and in record bins.

Also interested in anyone's thoughts on favorites, just for fun.
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I'm not familiar with that artist, so I apologize if this isn't anything new to you, but here's's list of songs he performed on (I love that site for this type of thing). The "Credits" tab on that page gives a listing of other stuff he performed on as well.
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There's also his profile, which links him to The Blank Fight and Shotwell Coho. His appearances are for these bands and those you've listed, plus writing credits where his songs were covered by Screeching Weasel, if no one else.
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He was in shotwell (as mentioned) when they were called shotwell coho. I think that he just plays on the first 7".
Colbom released just one 7" if I remember right. I have it, but it's buried boxes with all the rest of my vinyl. I think it kind of sucked actually.
The blank fight just had a cd that came out on plan-it-x. I know it was a "collection," but I'm not sure any of it had really been released before.

That's all I can add. If you haven't gotten "down in front" yet, you really need to. I had the cd version, not the 4x7", but it was still awesome. I think the insert tells you what "releases" the songs are taken from, and that could help you some on your search.
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As a follow-up, some saintly person has uploaded pictures from the down in front insert to For example, mundt:

Not quite as informative as I remember, but it will give you a little more information. A lot of this stuff will be really, really, really hard to track down and probably only exists on tapes that are either closely guarded or buried under piles of crap in people's closets.
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