How to store/retrieve iTunes ratings in the cloud?
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I sometimes rate songs on my iPhone or computer. I would like these ratings to persist in the cloud (e.g. independent of any particular computer). I want the ratings to get automatically uploaded to some storage site periodically and synced to my iTunes library (and from there or directly, my iPhone) periodically. Is there a way to do this?

Right now I don't know of any easy way to do this other than manually updating the itunes library xml, which I'm not interested in doing. I want to be able to rate songs and know my ratings will always be available in the future if I start a new iTunes library elsewhere.

I see this question from a year ago but in my opinion none of the answers sound quite right. Ideally a free solution would be best but otherwise I would appreciation reviews/information that show why one paid solution works better than the rest. There are a ton of quickie iTunes apps out there that in my experience are not that great.

Also it's been a year so maybe the state of the art has advanced...
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Google finds Echodio. It's in beta - I haven't tried it.
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You can use iDisk (Apple's MobileMe) or DropBox and then place your iTune library database file (xml only) on the remote virtual disk.
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theoretically, you're plugging your iphone into the PC that has this library and syncing right? That's certainly the easiest way to sync iphone and itunes ratings. Otherwise you'd have to find an iphone APP that did what you want. Alternatively, presuming the iphone stores the ratings in the same .xml file that itunes does, a cron job script, or a Windows task manager function could be setup to copy / ftp / email files to some cloud location.
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+1 for Echodio... You might as well have stated the exact purpose of the program.
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Echodio is Mac only and beta... not really a full product yet.
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