Have you used Behance's Action Method to improve productivity?
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Behance's Action Method vs. GTD

For productivity geeks everywhere ... have you used Behance's Action Method?

For the past few years, I've been using an ad-hoc and juryrigged GTD system. No question, it has helped improve my productivity. But I've recently come across the Behance Action Method and I'm curious if anyone here has tried it out. Did you stick with it? Did you ditch it? Did you like it?

Pros, cons, questions, comments, kudos, etc. All are welcome.
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I just (re)started keeping a paper notebook so I'm using behance as a way to capture items. I don't think that the Behance Action Method has a structured way of going through all of the captured items. It's more like a method for "taking better notes in meetings that include action items and backburner (someday/maybe) items." Which is a good thing, at least for me.

I am not a user of the iPhone or web app, so that's as far as I'm going with Behance at present. I do like having semi-structured note taking, but I am working on a GTD-lite kind of way to comb through the pile each day (and week).
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I don't see what Behance does that Outlook + GTD can't do. If you need help implementing GTD in Outlook, check out the book Take Back Your Life!
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