Looking for recommendations for an after-work 'team bonding' place in Midtown Manhattan.
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So I've got about 6-8 coworkers coming into town in two weeks for a group 'fun event' that I'm in charge of planning.

I'm looking for somewhere we can go (ideally walkable from Grand Central) for the team to eat dinner, hang out, and do some general bonding. The team is spread out over three cities and doesn't get to spend much time together in person, so we're trying to make the most of this.

My first thought (and current best option) was Dave and Busters, which has the pluses of food, drink, and multiplayer videogames all in one place, but any more suggestions along these lines would be great.

The budget is somewhere in the region of $50-60 per person, and places with interactive, non-solo things to do to get people talking to each other. Seperate dinner and 'event' is fine, but the closer the better!
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Will they appreciate Dave and Busters? Its demographic skews male and isn't friendly to vegetarians or other people with special dietary needs.

This may or may not be a concern for your coworkers.
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institute of culinary education has team-building cooking classes. bowling. billiards. there are also companies that set up urban scavenger hunts in nyc.
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Bowling at Lucky Strike.
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into it. thanks, folks.
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