Online home-gym community?
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Is there an online community resource for bodyweight / minimal home-gym excercise and target-setting / tracking?

I was thinking something like only with more variety (yes, I'm aware the site is subtly sponsored; that's not too bad but surely there are fit nerds who have built their own site and just want 5 bucks or something?).

I'm using a cheap book that covers a range of bodyweight / cardio-vascular moves and workouts that goes from zero equipment through to weights and gym ball... I was hoping to find something that covers similar just to track progress, share acheivements, help with motivation etc.
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Simplefit is a no-fuss bodyweight program that's quite easy to stick with. I'm not great at pull-ups, but there are lots of substitution exercises they go through.
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Spark People is an online community. There are different groups you can join. Some are geographical, some are type-of-sport, some are new parent and so forth. It's free, and it's full of lots of information. And of course you can track progress and goals (some as simple as drinking 8 cups/water a day).

How you use it is pretty much dependent on what you want to get out of it, which makes it very low key.
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I'm not sure exactly what you're looking for when you say "community," but there are a bunch of different training forums at, including one for bodyweight training. For general strength training info, I highly recommend the forums at
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