Where should I shop for a man's wristwatch in Toronto?
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Where should I shop for a man's wristwatch in Toronto?

I need to buy a man's wristwatch in Toronto before Friday and my budget is around $200-250.

I'm buying it for someone who is really into music and computers and he prefers simple, smart, interesting designs.

Any suggestions?

Due to the timeline, I don't think that ordering online is the optimal choice, but I'll take any ideas.
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I know it's a book store, but Swipe usually has a few nice pieces in their shop.
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I'm a big fan of my St. Moritz Atlas watch. It comes in a variety of colours, it's crisp and professional, but kinda casual at the same time. I think it looks great at work with my suits and just as great on weekends with jeans and a t-shirt. To see where they're available in Toronto just check here.
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Pacific mall
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