Help me find nice restaurant(s)
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Nice restaurants, Waltham, Mass, area for college graduation visit

Our son will soon graduate from Brandeis, and we want to spend a few days in the Waltham area to celebrate with him. We need to make reservations early because a number of school in or around Boston will have lots of students graduating and hence many folks dining out. Thus need nice restaurant--the search yielded too many inexpensive places--for us. Would prefer not having to go into Boston so wondered if hive mind might have Waltham area places they might suggest.
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If you like Italian (Best. Bread. Anywhere), check out The Chateau on School Street.
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The Elephant Walk! Cambodian food, very charming and absolutely delicious.
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Solea - tapas, Spanish
Il Capriccio - Italian
La Campania - Italian
Maybe Elephant Walk - French Cambodian
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The Chateau is okay for what it is but it is not really what I would consider a "nice" restaurant.

I am not sure you are going to find a ton the kind of restaurants you are looking for in Waltham. I like Ponzu (slightly fancy Asian, big sushi emphasis), although it's not really graduation dinner level of high end. Il Cappriccio gets good reviews on Yelp, I haven't been there personally.

Elephant Walk is not amazing (IMO) but it is pretty good, especially if you have dietary restrictions.
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Realized I should have been a bit more specific - Il Capriccio is very good and definitely a place to take one's parents. I have not been to La Campania personally, but I have the impression both vie for "best restaurant in Waltham" status.

Elephant Walk is hit or miss for me, but when it's hit it's excellent. Probably more adventurous than the other ones.

Solea is very solid but it might not feel as formal as Il Capriccio/La Campania.

I would like to second that the The Chateaus is probably not what you are looking for re: "fine dining."

John Brewer's Tavern might make you feel more at home, however, given your profile information!
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If you're willing to drive a few miles south into Newton, you'll have a lot more options. I recently ate at 51 Lincoln and liked it.

I'm not sure if you've already tried Yelp, but they offer a really customizable search feature. Here's a link to a search for restaurants in Waltham, excluding the cheapest ones, organized by rating.
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I had a very nice meal at Elephant Walk and the service and decor was very nice.
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Again, if you're willing to make the short drive down to Newton, Lumiere in West Newton is fabulously good food. I think my parents visit Boston from the midwest twice a year not so much because their kids are here as that they can go to Lumiere and eat great food to celebrate birthdays. They're the most expensive meals they buy during the year by a long shot, but worth every penny.
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