Music Filter: I'm looking for great dance music!
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Music Filter: I'm looking for great dance music (Chromeoesque)! but I'm not sure it exists. Details inside...

Recently my friends and I have been jamming out to the likes of Chromeo, Whitest Boy Alive, and Phoenix. I'm not a huge fan of straight repetitive electronica. I do think that Chromeo is the perfect mix of electronica elements supplemented by great lyrics, chorus, and funk. I've surfed the web and place likes Pandora, LastFM, Amazon, Itunes, and some smaller sites in search of music similar to Chromeo and have come up with no results.

Does anyone out there know of any similar bands we can add to our dance party playlist? I've played music from similar artists searches yet they never seem to really be that similar. Is Chromeo an anomaly like Sublime, so unique that they really are on their own?

FYI ... I did see a question that mentioned Chromeo about a week or so ago but it wasn't specific enough.
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Can't think of much that is quite as cheesey as Chromeo..
I assume you are aware of stuff like? :

The Presets
Goldfrapp's (new album is quite synthpop)
M83 - Saturdays = Youth is quite 80s
White Williams
Hot Chip
Of Montreal (in parts)
Holy Ghost
the new LCD Soundsystem
New Young Pony Club
the Emergency
Yeah Yeah Yeahs recent album was a bit electronic
Peter Bjorn and John
Jeremy Jay
Metronomy perhaps?
Midnight Juggernauts
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Slightly more experimental, but still pretty poppy, and lots of booty shakability:
Hercules & Love Affair
Hot Chip
The Rapture
The Knife
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I used to think that Chromeo and Calvin Harris were one and the same, so you might like him.
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There are also some good Chromeo-like tracks (among lots of not-so-good ones) in the mid 80s Bar-Kays (i.e., the Banging the Wall LP) and Brothers Johnson (like this Mike B Edit of "Make Me Wanna Wiggle") records that will fit right in with this.

Also, check out Roger Troutman's Zapp and post-Zapp work.
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and you'd probably also get into Girl Talk, though that's entirely different.
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You need some SOLAR records in your life, particularly Midas Touch by Midnight Star
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Oh, and let that Midnight Star video get to about 45 seconds for the actual song.
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Maybe Groove Armada?
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Less funky more electronic, but I really love Nicolas Makelberge's album. (there's an MP3 shop there if you click around)

Also, mefi's own Ugress has some great stuff, and though the style varies quite a bit most of it is very danceable. Check out this one.

"Great lyrics" might be a bit of an overstatement, but they are definitely catchy.
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Check out the monthly Aeroplane chart mixes on their Soundcloud page. February, November and September are my favorites.
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