Where is the freshest s'more?
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I want to eat the freshest s'more in the country. Where should I travel to get the ingredients right out of the factory?

OK so you probably know this is a hypothetical question. If I wanted the freshest Hershey's chocolate bar, the freshest Kraft Jet-Puffed Marshmallow and the freshest Nabisco Honey Maid graham cracker - where should I go to get them? I realize that Hershey's chocolate is produced in Hershey PA but where are the other two items produced?
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Book in at one of those business-travel extended-stay suites in Hershey, obtain chocolate, and make graham crackers and marshmallows yourself. Bring a Weber grill or somesuch and do it up proper in the parking lot.

Chocolate's a bit difficult to source and compile yourself, but graham crackers and marshmallows are comparatively simple.
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I cannot speak to the 'freshness' factor, but the best s'mores I ever had were made with Trader Joe's Cinnamon Graham crackers. They are thick and crunchy. Set them on the side of the fire with the chocolate softening on them while you toast your marshmallow. This is the best.
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You could have a much fresher s'more by avoiding factory food and sourcing fresh & local ingredients. In San Francisco, you could have my friend David make you a s'more on his s'more bike, which uses marshmallows from Recchiuti, graham crackers from Kika's Treats, and chocolate from Scharffen Berger.
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Nabisco also has a bakery in Philadelphia, which would be a lot closer to Hershey than Chicago.
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I approve of Judith's plan too, but:

Hershey's subsequently began manufacturing its new artisan brands in a factory in Robinson, Illinois and in early 2009 announced plans to close both Bay Area factories, lay off approximately 150 local employees, and transfer remaining production to Illinois, effectively keeping the company alive in name only. (source: wikipedia)

Perhaps Ghirardelli would be more locally-sourced and ethical? They're a division of Lindt and Sprungli, but they have a factory in San Leandro, CA with a factory store. Same plan as my original setup, only you could get the marshmallows and crackers from Judith's friend's other suppliers if you didn't want to make your own.
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Since you're in Chicago/IL for the crackers, get your chocolate from the Blommer Chocolate Company Factory downtown. They're local, cheap, and delicious.
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You could make your own marshmallows if you wanted fresh. I've never tried this, but always wanted to - I can't help but think that homemade would make for incredible s'mores.

A side note - I'm curious what prompts a search for freshness in this particular case. I think of s'mores as camp food mostly - not particularly a place where freshness particularly matters.
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