How do I get my LG flatron 795 monitor to work with my new ati-radeon 9800?
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Hardware problems - my old LG flatron 795 monitor does not work with my new ati-radeon 9800. More inside

I've set up my old LG Flatron 795FT plus as the secondary monitor in extended mode on my xp-system, but my new Ati Radeon 9800 pro doesn't do a very good job of displaying on it. It seems like whenever something new happens graphicwise the secondary screen just gives up and turns of.

I have tried other screens in its place and they work fine. The refresh rate is correct. I have installed the newest drivers and everything shows up fine in the graphics card control center - except for one little detail: the graphics card detects my monitor as not being ddc enabled - but according to my monitor manual it is in fact ddc enabled.

What is ddc enabled?
Any tips as to getting this to work.
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DDC (Display Data Channel). If I'm not mistaken, monitors do not support DDC over an analog connector (older one anyway). If the monitor has a DVI input, try attaching it and see if the DDC feature is enabled.

You video card it should have both an analog and DVI output. Your DVI connection should be used for your primary monitor and this should probably be your better model. Use the analog for the secondary display.

You mentioned that you are using the latest official drivers, but have you tried any of the unofficial Radeon drivers? Check out the Omega drivers. Some people have noticed significant performance increases over the official Catalyst drivers.
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Fidel does the monitor work as expected in clone mode rather than dual head mode?
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In addition to those questions, does it work as a primary monitor, with no other monitors attached?
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Try reducing the DVI frequency. It's a checkbox option on the Catalyst driver advanced scren. This solved problems I was having with my Radeon 9800 and a Viewsonic VP201S monitor.
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